Happy New Year!

Now that we’ve turned the corner into 2021, I wanted to share a couple more updates about what in the world is going on in my performance life!

I rang in the new year with a few big wins: primarily, I (virtually) revisited the Shakespeare and Company Center for Actor Training for another wonderful program, this one focused on exploring the structure of Shakespearean verse. Led by Tina Packer, Gwendolyn Schwinke, and Rory Hammond, this class was INCREDIBLE, and I am feeling so energized to keep getting more and more familiar with Shakespeare’s texts and to play around with new monologues and revisit some old ones with a few extra trick up my sleeve.

I’ve also been spending a little more quality time with my good ol’ friend musical theatre, as well.

So much of the last year — or possibly year and a half, even — has been focused on classical and operatic repertoire that I really haven’t sung any musical theatre since closing Grease in the summer of 2019! So I’ve been doubling down on that pesky audition book, navigating my MT sweet spot, and getting that part of my arsenal really geared up and ready to go when the world reopens.

Watch: “Unusual Way” from Maury Yeston’s Nine

AND, on a note slightly related to that, I am finally back in (virtual) dance classes!!! This has been so exciting, as I haven’t had time for dance at all in recent years and, in addition to wanting to enhance these skills, I’ve just been missing dance terribly. (Yes, I did binge the entire Disney+ series about the School of American Ballet.)

So, as I settle into my new Chicago digs, I am experiencing a little bit of waiting fatigue — can we just get back to performing already?! — but I know that as soon as it’s safe, we’ll be back doing what we love, and I can only hope I’ve kept myself in solid shape in the meantime!

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

    1. It really does feel like forever! I’m forgetting what it’s like to sing for people and not just a camera 😭 But slowly but surely we will get there!


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