COVID – 19 Updates

Hello all!

Without a doubt, I’m sure you’ve seen some sort of post of this kind on a blog or website or Facebook page of other performers in your lives who’ve been affected by the virus. What I will not do here is provide a litany of performances, gigs, etc. that would have been were it not for the coronavirus — though I may have considered this a few months ago! I’d rather just let everyone know what I’ve been up to instead!

Disclaimer: it obviously won’t be a very long list.

Navigating everything is definitely tricky, and I’ve been so impressed and inspired by the creative ways my colleagues have continued making music while quarantining. For me, it’s really consisted of whipping some new repertoire into shape, revisiting some old favorites, and attempting to create some modest audio recordings with what resources I have.

I’ve also been using this time, as folks may have noticed, to really revamp and recommit to my online resources. I’ve updated my headshots, explored new (to me) frontiers of social media, like creating my new Facebook page, and been more intentional about uploading materials to YouTube! I’m also prepping and ready to go for when I can safely meet an accompanist and starting recording some more video content, as well!

I’m immensely thankful for the technology we have that’s allowing me to (virtually!) continue seeing my voice teacher, practice and record pieces with accompaniment, and continue expanding my audition package for when the time comes.

I am, like the rest of the performers you know, so sad to have lost quite a few performance opportunities that I was really, really looking forward to, and I miss being onstage like crazy right now. I am so eager to safely get back to work again, but in the meantime, I am working every day to get back in the game as soon as we can!

Updates soon 🙂

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